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  •  Top 3 things you must include to  capture an employers attention - page 2
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  • BONUS: INSIDER SECRETS from a HR & Recruitment Specialist
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"Emma's coaching was spot on! Before we spoke I was full of doubts about stepping up to a senior role in a different environment. But Emma helped me see I already had all the skills I needed. I was confident in the interview and able to evaluate if the role was a good fit for me. I got the job!"

-Kerryn Sausae, Psychologist

"I found it fantastic especially for someone who's going through a change in my career" 

-Angela Bagster

"The tools that Emma provided me, including the AAA resume guide & interview guide were perfect in setting me up for success. From the moment I adjusted my resume in line with ‘AAA resume’ format, I was getting immediate call backs from organisations."

-Stephanie Lipinski

"It's really inspiring to be around people with the same goal and share experiences and share your journey and have hope" 

-Natalie and Lydia
 Em Pescott, Career & Communications Specialist
Are you the person you thought you would be (when you were a child)?
Do you have the dream job that you saw yourself in?

Accomplishing your dreams and goals?

Or are you in a dead-end job, living pay check to pay check - because you needed something that paid the bills?

My mission is to create a movement of confident, ultra-capable women; who when they take on their career, they ask for exactly what they want, and get a big FAT “YES”.

Accelerate your career today by simply downloading my FREE resume guide and become the person you were meant to be!

87% Success Rate After My Clients Made These Simple Resume Tweaks
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